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The Midlife Improvement Project - Navigating the challenges and adventures of Midlife on the way to an even better you.

Oct 31, 2019

In episode 71, we are going back in time to something we discussed way back in our very first episode to answer the listener question: "How Long Does It Take To Form A Habit?" 

Oct 24, 2019

In Episode 70, we talk about our habits for food prepping and planning. We also share some of our favourite go to recipes. My win is exercise related and Jenny’s learn is related to her meditation habit.

Oct 17, 2019

In episode 69, we are brainstorming topics for future episodes. Jenny and I are going to list some things that we are both interested in talking to each other (and you!) about, and then we want your feedback on what you are interested in hearing from us.

Oct 10, 2019

In Episode 68, we are taking a look at our 19 for 2019 lists (that we reviewed last week) to see what is still in need of some attention for this last part of the year and we are setting goals for the last stretch of 2019 to get it done!

Oct 3, 2019

In Episode 67, we are doing a review of our 19 for 2019 lists to see what we have accomplished so far this year and what is still in need of some attention for the last 90 days of the year.